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What About Commission?

Commission Discount. That phrase creates excitement and hyperventilation in some people. Kind of like the word "sale". But is it always best?

Imagine you inherited a spectacular two-carat diamond ring and you decided you wanted to sell it. Would you put it on Craig's List? Maybe take it down to the local jeweler with big DISCOUNT signs all over his windows? Would you really?? 
I'm thinking you'd rather go to an established, respected jeweler with a good track record. You'd feel more comfortable and get a better price with a reputable jeweler with decades of experience and a reputation for value than with his flashy neighbor. 

And yet, every day of the week, people entrust their biggest asset worth many times more than that diamond to Craig's List or discount Real Estate Brokers.

Why do they think they can get a better price selling their homes themselves or with a discount broker? People think, "oh I'm going to save a lot on commission this way", but are they REALLY saving?

Commission represents just a tiny portion of the whole picture. Let's put it this way.. Would you rather have 10% of a dollar or 5% of $100? What sellers should be focusing on is how to get the best and highest price in their market. That's where a trusted, well-established reputable Realtor comes in.

Talk to me about how to get the best VALUE so you don't end up selling your home at a DISCOUNT!
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Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman