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Our Community

Below you will find links to information on some of the communities here in the Bay Area we enjoy. Not only can you learn about community activities, you can also find out about building permit requirements, codes, sister cities...all very interesting! If you have any specific questions regarding a community please email me. The utility directory is very helpful for any of you moving as it has all the telephone numbers and addresses for the various companies that turn on & off the water, electricity, cable, etc. for each city. Local schools not only has who to contact but also the test scores for each school.

I'm happy to provide my favorite links and am especially proud of the IRS link, "How to get more from your Take Home Pay after your home purchase". If you have any suggestions on how to make this site more useful, please let me know.

Community Profile Report
Create a detailed report on any neighborhood in the United States. Click here
Local Schools
To view local school information.Click here
Utility Directory
Access contact info for all local utilities. Click here

For those of you who are having difficulty paying your present mortgage and want to know your options, or for the those curious about the new TARP; click here! 

Some More Links I've found helpful:

MLS Listings in Bay Area

City websites (includes first-time buyer programs) and building permit information ... check it out! 

Travelocity The RENT vs BUY CALCULATOR is quite good Go to the RATE CALCULATOR to figure title and escrow fees
To learn how to increase your takehome pay after home purchase, go to  and enter form 919 into the search line, click on the one with the .pdf file; you'll find instructions on page 4, you'll want to add deductions on your W-4 form (obtain from your human resource department) (search all of California) (search all over the world!)


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Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman