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Hurrah for Safety!

You may have noticed our schools have been swathed with chain-link fences this summer for repair. Crews are going in and doing asbestos remediation among other safety measures. I think it is wonderful the communities children will be protected from this danger. Another safety measure I observed this morning involved the construction workers themselves. Picture this: About two dozen men wearing florescent orange and yellow vests and hardhats in a circle bending and stretching together in sync. I SO wished I had a camera at that moment!

As incongruous as it looked to see he-men doing syncronized yoga moves, it is ultimately for their benefit and safety. Speaking of safety, today a regulation goes into effect that requires all buyers of residential property 1-4 units to be given access to a map of where the local gas pipelines are near their new home. If you want to check out where the big gas pipes are in your area, the maps are found at:

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Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman