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Today Belmont has 9 homes for sale (six single-family residences, two condos and one townhome). Prices range from $530,370 to $1,950,000 - The lowest price is a BMR (below market rate) two bedroom, two bath condo not far from Wendy's and the Caltrain station and applicants must have an income below 120% of the median income in San Mateo County to qualify. Call me for details. The most expensive home is on Debbie Lane and the listing agent's name is Debbie (how fun is that?). Home inventory is the lowest I've ever seen. Less than ten, can you believe it? 

San Mateo has 54 properties for sale. Twenty-four are single-family homes, the rest are condos. Prices range from $395,000 for a 675 square foot one-bedroom condo in the South Shoreview area to $3,995,000 for breathtakingly exquisite home with 4,775 square feet, five bedrooms, five baths, two fireplaces, (add a "man-cave"), a beautiful in-ground pool, custom patio and backyard on over one-third acre in the beautiful San Mateo Park area.

Did you notice the lowest and highest prices in San Mateo differed by ten times the lower amount? Monday, two agents were talking about their listings - each has a four bedroom, two bath home for sale. One is remodeled in San Mateo on Barneson asking $1,838,000, the other is in Hayward in original (but well-maintained) condition asking $699,000. The remodeling added to the price differential, but the biggest factor is location. People purchasing the home in Hayward will have to commute if their job is on this side of the Bay. Traffic is part of the equation in the price. If price is more important than commute time, then a home in Hayward might be your best option. On the other hand, it could be the deal breaker. To really be successful, it is essential to nail down what is important to you before starting your home hunt.

I really enjoy helping people through the journey of their home purchase. Real estate transactions can be compared roller coaster rides; full of twists and turns, loops and thrills, unexpected peaks and valleys, maybe even some serious heart-pounding ... but your transaction doesn't have to be a nail-biting roller-coaster ride. Call me for an appointment to discuss your situation and together we will come up with a plan just right for you.

Updated 3/22/17.

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